Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blog Questions

OK, so I already have questions but I don't know how to "blog" them to someone.....which leads me to my first question....

Can I just put a random comment on your blog that isn't related to one of your posts?

How do I put music on?

Is it wrong to put the same pictures as my facebook on here....only less I think. Did someone mention like a slide show of pictures?

I am really not that slow usually......just workin this out.

Oh, and can I remove stupid posts when I start to be embarassed by them? (Like, say, this one?)


  1. You can totally comment about anything you want to on someones blog. But if it is important I wouldn't recommend it. Who know how much people check their blogs. To put music on you go to and sign up. Then create a playlist or more if you want. I have like 4. Holidays, regular, etc. Then you put generate code. You pick the generate code for other places (It is the bottom one, I can't remember the exact name of it.) Then you copy it and go to your blog. Go to layout. Add a gadget. HTML. Then you paste it their. Now in your layout you can move stuff around. So you can have it on the side or at the bottom like most people do. You can all the same pictures as on facebook. This is your blog. Do whatever you want. You can do a slideshow. You can go to and download pictures and create a slideshow. I have a couple on my blog if you want to check it out. You will have to go to my older posts though. And to remove posts you just go to new post and then edit posts and their is a remove or delete button at the right side of the screen for each post. If you want you can come over here this weekend and I can show you quick if you want. If not, just call me if you have any problems. GOOD LUCK!!! Hope I helped you out!

  2. Hey girl, whenever you get this figured out I tagged you on my blog!!